1pm at the Little White Chapel AND live on ZOOM.


There is plenty of street parking as well as a small parking lot behind the church.  

You'll want to enter through the double glass doors on Avon street.  

Come and join us!


During this season of pandemic and mindful of public safety, New Life Burbank also offers distance-worship online. 

Online worship is open to everyone, for details on joining us please email us for a link at info@newlifeburbank.org.

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Service Times:

Worship begins at 1:00pm

Sunday School classes meet after worship most Sundays during the Spring and Fall semesters.  (pre and post-pandemic)


The Little White Chapel

1711 N. Avon Street, Burbank, CA 91505

a heart for Burbank - and beyond

As part of the LA metro area, Burbank is one of the most culturally influential cities in America. Billed as "The Media Capital of the World," Burbank is home to much of our nation’s entertainment industry.  But it is also full of people who are striving and need the peace that only Christ can give. 

People come to LA to establish themselves. They come to build careers in important places and fill out resumes in life-defining ways. Some come to be discovered; to hit it big or to finally get that break. We all have dreams of success and big plans for making a life. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t.

LA is a city of idols. Every corner. Every billboard. Idols of career, money, importance, stage, and fame hold out the promise that you can be somebody if you’re good enough, smart enough, attractive enough. Everybody is striving.

But to those who are striving and haven’t found what they’re looking for, we proclaim good news. Good news to those who are striving for life, to those who are breaking under the pressure of not being good enough, to those who were told they are good enough, but have found not found life. Good news to those who are basking in the bright lights, and those who labor in the shadows. We know where you can find life.

New Life Burbank exists to proclaim rest to those who are weary, freedom to those who are trapped, wholeness to those who are broken, peace to those who are agitated, light to those who are in darkness. We are here because the Gospel of grace compels us. We know what it is to look for life in the wrong places, and now we know Jesus, who alone is Life. We have known what it is to strive and be a slave to expectations, and now we know Jesus, who alone is Peace.