In August 2002 New Life Burbank (NLB) began as a church plant of the Pacific Presbytery in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). Valley Presbyterian Church (North Hills) oversaw the new work and Pastor Owen Lee served as her founding pastor for the first nine years.  In August 2006 NLB ordained her first elders (2) and deacons (3) and was recognized and received as a particularized church in the PCA. After a number of seasons worshiping in various locations, in September 2008 the Lord provided our current place of worship, the Little White Chapel. Following the departure of Pastor Owen Lee, NLB formed a Pastoral Search Committee and Pastor Jeff Tell was ordained as NLB’s senior pastor, where he served from 2013 to 2020. 

During this time, God’s faithfulness to His Church was displayed through new members being added to our number, children at NLB making professions of faith, and regular worship fueled by the Word and centered on Christ.  In addition to weekly congregational worship, NLB sought communion and Spirit-led growth through weekly Sunday School classes for all ages; regular meeting in home fellowship groups; men’s, women’s and youth groups and annual retreats; and service work including short-term mission trips and some coordinated service projects with other churches in our Presbytery. 

NLB’s current leadership consists of 1 elder and 2 deacons; and the Session of NLB has ranged from a maximum of seven members to its current size.  Historically, the church has ministered to a congregation predominantly consisting of younger families and single individuals, and more recently to a number of young married couples as well.  Our current congregation also includes a diverse blend of ages/life stages, ethnicities, and professions.