core values and mission of new life burbank

NLB exists to give glory to God

– through Worship, Nurture, and Witness

– all fueled by the gospel of Christ.

…to give Glory to God…

Everything that exists is designed to give glory to God.  From the beginning God’s plan has been to glorify himself through both creation and redemption.  As the means for the spread of redemption, the local church participates in God’s mission to glorify His name in, over, and for the sake of all things.  (1 Chron. 29:11; Rom. 11:36; Rev. 4:11; Rev. 5:9-14)

…through Worship…

The greatest commandment, and our first priority – to love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength.  At New Life Burbank we believe that worship is a meeting primarily between God and His covenant people. He is the object of our worship as we come together weekly to give thanksgiving, lament and glory to God in a dialogical form that expresses our covenant relationship with Him. Our worship is both reverent and intimate, reflecting both the transcendence of God and the intimacy of our relationship with Christ.  Our services offer the gospel of Christ to the covenant community, trusting that it can be received by both believers and non-believers who are present, humbly leaving the Holy Spirit to do His work in the hearts of both. We also include and encourage the presence of children in our worship.


We are committed to Christ-centered, diligent, and meaningful exposition of the Scriptures in which the imperatives flow out of the indicatives.  We offer weekly communion and enjoy use of the creeds and historic confessions of faith.  Musically we look for a variety of the old and the new in both style and content. 


Because of the second greatest commandment – to love our neighbor as ourselves, New Life Burbank is committed to: 

  • Teaching the Scriptures and the disciplines of the Christian life.

  • Discipling our members to live lives rooted in the gospel of Christ.

  • Assisting parents to nurture and disciple their children in the Christian faith and life.

  • Providing opportunities for believers to exercise their gifts in the service of Christ.

  • Nurturing a loving community that promotes sanctification in the context of caring friendships and opportunities for believers to meet together for fellowship, encouragement, and prayer.

  • Loving and caring for one another sacrificially and practically.

  • Faithful shepherding from elders and deacons as servants of the church.


We seek to build community through:

  • Home Fellowship Groups

  • “New Life Kids” program

  • Men’s & Women’s fellowships

  • Bible studies & prayer groups

  • Member care ministry

  • Communicants’ classes

  • Elder visitations to members

  • Evangelism-focused service projects

…and Witness…


We are committed to the Great Commission: preaching the gospel, making disciples, and equipping our members to be witnesses for Christ in their relationships, their communities, and in the world.


We seek to accomplish these goals through:

  • Knowing our unbelieving family and friends by taking a genuine interest in them and by learning their world-views, doubts, fears, and hopes.

  • Loving them by desiring and praying that they would come to know Jesus as their Savior and Lord.

  • Serving them by sharing the gospel with them in a meaningful and relevant way and by adorning the gospel with acts of love.

  • Making improved efforts to inform the community that we exist.

  • Offering opportunities for service projects to develop relationships and gain a hearing for the gospel

  • Conducting evangelistic Bible studies and/or holding evangelistic services outside of worship.

  • Maintaining a Missions Committee that seeks out and implements missions opportunities both locally and globally, through financial support and active participation.

  • Developing a missions awareness culture in our church by promoting conferences, classes, books, and other resources